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Art of print offers bespoke giclée printing for all types of art. We guarantee consistent, unparalleled, vibrant fine art giclée prints for illustrators, photographers, galleries and basically any creatives who create beautiful artwork.

Giclée prints are an archival printing style on old-world materials such as fibre and cotton-based paper with cutting-edge inkjet coatings. Artworks are printed in high resolution with specialised inkjet printers using pigment inks on a choice of fine art papers. Art of Print uses Canon printers of the latest generation. These machines are the pinnacle for photographic and fine art printing, the imagePROGRAF series delivers unsurpassed all-around quality. With a stunning 12-colour ink system, rapid print speeds and flawless consistency.

We offer 6 fine art papers in our range, varying in texture, finish, and paper tone, enabling you to get the perfect desired print finish. The result: exceptional quality prints, offering brighter colours, deeper blacks, crisper details, and long-lasting colour.

Photographic prints using resin-coated paper closely resemble traditional photographic prints done using chemicals. These prints are created using our high-end Canon printers.

This process achieves a wider range of colours (known as the gamut), the result, exceptional quality prints, offering brighter colours, crisper details, and long-lasting colour.

So, whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned professional, you know that your work shines the finest once it is printed.
Your finest work deserves to be on a wall – not just tucked away on a hard drive. 

 Art of Print uses high-quality canvases to ensure the highest standards of image reproduction. Our matte surface canvases deliver vibrant colours and a natural look, perfect for portraits, wildlife, and illustrated artworks. To maintain our quality, we now use the latest Canon imagePROGRAF printers, featuring a 12-color ink system and rapid print speeds for unsurpassed quality in photographic and fine art printing.

Canvas Options:

  • Ready-to-Hang: Your canvas is wrapped on a high-quality, handcrafted stretcher frame made from lightweight, sustainable Wawa wood. Simply hang it on two nails or screws using the carrier frame.
  • Flat Canvas: If you prefer, we can print a flat canvas that can be rolled up for easy transport, including a stretching border for later framing.

Finishing Touches:

  • Mirrored Edges: Mirrors the outer areas of the picture on the sides of the canvas, keeping the entire photo visible from the front.
  • Image Blur: Blurs the duplicated edges to create a beautiful, coloured wrap with all the colours from your image.
  • Solid Colour: A solid colour of your choice for the sides of your canvas that complements your image.

Additional Framing:

  • Canvas Floater Frame: Made from Wawa wood or various hardwoods, available in multiple colours and finishes. A metal hanging bracket is fitted for easier and more precise hanging.

Experience the best of canvas printing with Art of Print, where quality meets elegance.

We are committed to those who create and appreciate art and helping them share and show it. Every order is personally handled and packaged with care by our experienced staff.

When you spend time, money, and effort creating your art, it's important to partner with others who share your passion; people who've made the same emotional investment as you have. We aim to bridge the gap between inspiration and finished work for photographers, artists, hobbyists, and aficionados around the world. In fact, we now offer four of our most popular framing styles online without making you feel overwhelmed.

Framing Styles

Our selection of frames are available in four different colours and you can choose between wood or synthetic.

  • Classic Contemporary
  • Box frame
  • Reverse Box frames
  • Aluminium frames

Each frame is made to order with your image fitted securely inside your frame. Alternatively, you can also order your frame empty according to the sizes specified online. You can upload a photo from your phone or computer, or you can send your images via WeTransfer or Dropbox Link.

Often when we think about a frame, we think of its function rather than its form.

Strong and sturdy or minimalist and delicate, the frame of a picture is not a means of securing a piece of art, it is also meant to complement the art itself. Fortunately, our variety and selection of custom framing options can accentuate any colour, composition, and style of artwork for centuries to come.

Art of Print has elevated the practice of custom framing by bringing all steps of the process in-house. Every frame is hand-cut, joined, and finished right here by our Master Craftsmen. Because we make every part of our fine art giclee and canvas frames to order under one roof, we can easily meet your needs for odd sizes and tight deadlines. We go big, and we do it fast!

Your prints and original works are handled and framed with the utmost care to create an immaculate one-of-a-kind piece, every time.

Why custom Framing? Have you ever purchased a ready-made custom frame from a craft supply or home décor store? Then you know the frustration of trying to fit your odd-sized photo, print or artwork into a pre-determined size that makes no sense. You’ve seen the limitations when it comes to how the art is displayed within the frame. Custom art and print framing is exactly what it says: custom! The frame and all associated materials have been custom-cut to exactly fit just your piece, and the options to display the art are almost limitless. But we also understand how daunting it can be to visit a high-end frame shop; the pricing is confusing, and the lead time can be weeks.

We found a solution! By bringing everything under one roof in Pretoria, we have streamlined the custom framing process and eliminated the need for a frustrating trip to the frame shop. Because everything is built in-house, we can offer fine art custom picture framing. Bring your piece to life by matching your chosen frame with one of our Custom Framing Treatments.

Gallery Frames with a Mat Create an impact with a gallery frame and mat combination. Our custom-built, wood frames are created in-house for a one-of-a-kind custom fit. Choose from a variety of finishes to accentuate the light, colour, and style of your image. With many options available, you are only limited by your imagination. Our non-acidic, light-resistant museum mats are free from wood fibres and are produced with a bevelled edge.

Floating Frames Floating frames are ideal for DiaMounts and canvas prints. With a high-end, contemporary look, floater frames leave a small gap between the picture and the edge of the frame. This floating effect makes the artwork leap out of the frame for a dramatic finish. Let us help you select a floater frame that matches the feeling of your print, photograph, or other art pieces. Floater frames are also ideal for canvas artwork that has seen better days by protecting the edges without further damaging the piece.

Box Frames and Shadowbox Frames Looking for more depth in your final framed photograph or giclee print? Shadowbox frames are a bold design choice that turns artwork into a statement piece. While typically associated with displaying memorabilia that does not fit in traditional frames, shadowbox frames are ideal for displaying artwork as well. These custom-fitted frames are available in a variety of profiles with a broad spectrum of colours and finishes. Best of all, shadowbox frames do not limit you to the traditional standard frames and mat combination.

Float and Raise Frame One of the most popular ways to frame art in a shadowbox is using the raised island float frame method. The photograph (or print or giclee) is mounted directly to a mounting board designed to appear as though the artwork is “floating” inside of the frame. This is especially helpful when the edges of the print must not be covered by a mat board or frame rabbet. Our artisans mount your art to an acid-free, lignin-free mounting board. This board is then mounted to a second mounting board, cut larger than your artwork, making it appear to float not just within the frame edges, but within the depth of the frame itself.

DiaMount® is a system that bonds images directly and permanently to acrylic sheets using a neutral PH adhesive system. It is the worlds most established and quality proven face-mounting process. This makes it possible to produce an exceptional durable finish, without bubbles or cracks, and to perfectly protect the print.Photographs are mounted to high exhibition standards without borders and eliminate the need for a traditional picture frame.

The combination of this specialised technique with light penetration and refraction in clear acrylic results in enhanced image definition, bright colours, and detailed textures for all artworks. DiaMount® are backed with Aluminium composite material, to reinforce the rigidity of the finished picture.

An aluminium Sub-frame is attached to the back of the Aluminium composite, allowing the artwork to hang floating on the wall, with no obvious means of support. The subframe provides structural stability to your artwork. Your print is ready to hang and accompanied by hanging and care instructions, placed by hand by our master framers.

Our DiaMount® are made using the finest Plexiglass available: PLEXIGLAS Gallery® offers UV protection of up to 99.7% making it one of the most effective UV blockers among glazing materials and therefore complies with the highest conservation requirements. We offer this product in both a matte and a gloss finish. Once the image has rested, it’s then backed by a rigid aluminium composite material (ACM), like Dibond®, encapsulating the print in an airtight sandwich.

This process gives you a modern contemporary feel whereby it appears to be floating on a wall. Yet we’re not limited to this finish as it can also be framed, giving you that timeless classic look. Discuss your preferences with our consultants.

  • Excludes fine art prints.
  • Includes an aluminium sub-frame for easy hanging
  • Can be framed
  • Custom sizes are available.
  • Current maximum size DiaMount® to Plexi is 1490mm x 2900mm.

Fine art papers that can be used include Ilford Galerie Fine Art Textured Silk; Ilford Galerie Smooth Cotton Rag; Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Gloss and True Fibre. 

Download care instructions for DiaMount®

We are thrilled to announce that Art of Print now offers a stunning venue for local and international artists to showcase their work. Our modern, elegant, and versatile gallery is the perfect setting for paintings, photography, and mixed media art.

Gallery Features:
  • Open Floor Plan: Accommodates a variety of exhibitions and events.
  • Rotating Collections: Constantly updated with new works from talented artists, providing a fresh and inspiring experience.
Services Offered:
  • Art Installation: Professional setup for your artwork.
  • Framing: High-quality framing services.
  • Transportation: Safe and reliable transport for your art.
  • Art Consultants: On hand to create awareness among potential buyers and collectors.
Events and Engagement: We believe art should be admired and experienced. Our gallery hosts a variety of events, including artist talks, workshops, screenings, and performances, designed to engage and enrich our audience's appreciation of art.

Welcome to our one-stop destination for all your artistic needs! As a student with a creative spirit, we understand the importance of preserving and showcasing your photographic work and artwork. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of services, including printing, framing, and mounting, to help you bring your masterpieces to life. Whether you're an aspiring photographer, a passionate painter, or a budding artist, our dedicated team is here to provide top-notch solutions that elevate your art to new heights. Let's dive into the world of possibilities we have to offer.

Professional Printing Services:

At our studio, we believe that the foundation of exceptional art lies in high-quality prints. Our state-of-the-art printing equipment ensures vivid colours, sharp details, and true-to-life representation of your artistic creations. With a variety of paper options to choose from, you can customize the texture and finish to match your artistic vision.

Bespoke Framing Solutions:

Your artwork deserves the perfect frame to complement its unique essence. Our experienced framers are skilled at creating custom frames that not only protect your art but also enhance its overall appeal. From classic to contemporary styles, we offer a wide array of framing materials and designs to suit your individual taste and budget.

Expert Mounting Services:

Whether it's for an exhibition or personal display, proper mounting is essential to make your artwork stand out. Our meticulous mounting services ensure that your pieces are securely presented and ready to be showcased in their best light. We use archival-grade materials to preserve the integrity of your art, ensuring it remains in pristine condition for years to come. Affordable Student-Friendly Prices:

Having been fellow students ourselves, we know the effort and passion you pour into your creations. We offer affordable and student-friendly solutions that allow you to access professional-grade solutions without breaking the bank. Our student prices meet your specific needs, making the process seamless and affordable.

Exceptional Customer Support:

We take pride in our commitment to excellent customer service. Our team of art enthusiasts and professionals is always ready to assist you throughout the entire process. From choosing the right paper and frame to offering advice on presentation, we're here to make your experience with us enjoyable and fulfilling.

At Art of Print, we understand that as an artist, your creations are an extension of yourselves. We're here to help you preserve the essence of your original masterpieces while opening incredible opportunities for wider exposure and increased revenue through limited editions.

Art of print offers a specialized service that allows artists like you to bring in your cherished original artworks and have them digitally reproduced with unparalleled precision and care. With the use of high-end cameras, combined with the skilled hands of our expert team, ensures that every detail, every brushstroke, and every nuance of your artwork is captured in stunning high-resolution.

The process is simple and artist friendly. You can schedule a consultation with our experienced team to discuss your artistic vision and goals. We'll guide you through the reproduction process, ensuring that your original artwork is treated with the utmost respect and reverence it deserves.

Once we have the green light, our capture sessions will take place, where we delicately photograph your artwork, ensuring optimal lighting and colour accuracy. Our team is well-versed in handling a variety of art mediums, from paintings to drawings and mixed media, ensuring that your unique artwork is accurately captured.

We prioritize quality and authenticity above all else. We understand the significance of maintaining the integrity of your art, and that's why we go the extra mile to ensure that every limited-edition print is a faithful representation of your creative vision. In case you seek a high-quality image for your website or marketing materials, our captures are already about 90% accurate straight out of the camera. We invest time adjustments colours and numerous test prints to cover the remaining 10%. This approach guarantees that your artwork can be printed as precisely as possible, ensuring the best representation.

* A Note on Accuracy

While we strive to achieve utmost accuracy, it is essential to understand that 100% colour matching may not always be possible due to varying factors such as equipment, inks, and papers. Reproducing colours from glossy artwork onto matte fine art paper, for instance, can lead to slight discrepancies. In such cases, the inks used in the printing process might not precisely match the original pigments, as they are different compounds with distinct characteristics. Nonetheless, our art printing aims to create sellable reproductions that remain faithful to your original artwork.

Limited Edition Prints: Unleashing Potential

Once your artwork is digitally reproduced, the possibilities are boundless. Through our premium fine art printing services, you can transform your reproduced artwork into stunning limited-edition prints. These exclusive editions not only add value to your art but also create a sense of rarity that resonates with collectors and art enthusiasts.

By offering limited editions, you create a sense of urgency and demand, driving your art sales to new heights. Your collectors will have the opportunity to own a unique piece of your art and enhancing the overall prestige of your brand as an artist.

In short Art of Print offers:

  • Expertise: Our team of skilled professionals has a keen eye for detail, ensuring that your artwork's essence is captured flawlessly.
  • Quality Assurance: We utilize top-of-the-line equipment and premium materials, ensuring the finest output for your limited-edition prints.
  • Artist Collaboration: We value your creative input and work closely with you throughout the process to ensure your artistic vision is realized.
  • Ethical Standards: Respecting your artistic integrity and maintaining copyright permissions is a fundamental aspect of our service.
Take the next step in your artistic journey with Art of Print. Let us help you unleash the potential of your original artworks and bring your artistry to a broader audience. Elevate your art and experience the joy of sharing your creativity with the world.

Why choose us!

Expertise: Our skilled professionals ensure flawless capture of your artwork’s essence.
Quality Assurance: We use top-of-the-line equipment and premium materials for the finest output.
Artist Collaboration: We value your input and work closely with you to realize your vision.
Ethical Standards: We respect your artistic integrity and maintain copyright permissions.

Quality, Detail, and Perfection

A fine art creative hub for professionals

Art of Print caters to all creative professionals with top-quality materials like fine art and photographic paper, canvas, and bespoke framing. We source materials from select partners to ensure the highest standards and handle every step from order to production with utmost care.

Our services include richly colored and intense black-and-white prints on Ilford and Hahnemühle paper and canvases, as well as bespoke framing with a variety of mouldings. Art of Print is passionate about photography and art, driven by aesthetic quality. We were the first fine art lab in South Africa to offer DiaMount®, a revolutionary mounting method that provides vibrant, bubble-free, high-gloss, or matte finishes.

Art of Print is the go-to for top-end printing on fine art paper, photo paper, and large formats. We offer bespoke framing options including hardwoods, stained woods, floating frames, and aluminium frames, with everything handcrafted in-house.

Not sure which paper to choose? Visit us for sample packs and test prints to ensure your artwork meets your expectations. Feel free to contact us for advice or ideas for your next project.

Be Inspired We'd love to see how Art of Print enhances your space. Share your photos with us using #artofprint.

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