As parents, we cherish every crayon scribble, finger painting, and craft project our children create. These pieces of art are more than just paper and paint; they represent milestones, imagination, and the pure joy of childhood. Framing your child's artwork not only preserves these precious memories but also encourages their creative spirit. Here’s how you can best showcase these masterpieces, turning your home into a personal gallery that celebrates your child's artistic journey.

Choosing the Right Frame

Opt for Simple, Versatile Frames:

Select frames that can easily adapt to the ever-changing themes and colours of your child’s art. Neutral colours like black, white, or natural wood are versatile choices that complement most artworks without overpowering them.

Consider Custom Framing for Special Pieces: 

For those truly special pieces that capture a moment or milestone, consider custom framing. Custom frames allow you to match the frame perfectly to the artwork and ensure that the piece is preserved correctly.

Use Frames with Easy-Access Backs: 

Children's art portfolios are ever-growing. Frames with easy-open backs allow you to rotate artwork frequently, keeping your display fresh and engaging.

Preservation Tips for those very special pieces

Use Acid-Free Mats and Backing: 

To preserve your child's artwork over time, use acid-free mats and backing. These materials prevent yellowing and deterioration, ensuring the artwork stays vibrant for years to come.

Opt for UV-protective glass or Plexi: 

Sunlight can fade colours and damage paper. Using UV-protective glass in your frames helps protect the artwork from the sun’s harmful rays, especially if the piece is displayed in a brightly lit area.

Consider Digital Preservation: 

For artwork that is too large to frame or for pieces you want to preserve without physically displaying them, consider digital preservation. Scanning or photographing your child's artwork allows you to create a digital archive that can be printed or viewed on devices, ensuring that no masterpiece is ever lost.

Display Ideas

Create a Gallery Wall: 

Dedicate a wall in your home to your child's artwork. Using a mix of frame sizes and orientations, you can create a dynamic display that's easy to update. This not only highlights the importance of their creativity but also makes for a colourful and personalised home decor element.

Incorporate Art Folders: 

Art folders offer a flexible display solution where framed pieces can be easily swapped or repositioned. This is particularly useful for children who prolifically produce artwork, as it simplifies the process of updating the display.

Think Beyond the Wall: 

Not all artwork needs to be hung. Consider placing framed pieces on bookshelves, mantels, or even easels. This approach adds artistic touches throughout your home and brings your child's creativity into everyday spaces.

Framing your child's artwork is more than just a way to decorate your home; it's a celebration of your child's imagination and growth. By choosing the right frames, displaying pieces creatively, and ensuring proper preservation, you can create a living gallery that honours your child's artistic expressions and holds cherished memories for your family to enjoy.