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Art of Print Exhibitions

Showcasing Local and International Talent

Welcome to Art of Print Gallery! Our gallery offers a modern, elegant, and versatile space for artists to showcase their work. We invite independent artists, collectives, emerging talents, art schools, and societies to exhibit their creations in our inspiring venue.

Who Can Exhibit? We welcome:
  • Independent Artists
  • Artist Collectives
  • Emerging Artists
  • Art Schools and Societies
Proposals for both solo and group exhibitions are encouraged. How to Apply

Step 1: Submit an Exhibition Proposal
  • Apply in advance to secure your spot and avoid disappointment.
  • Include details about the artwork, exhibition concept, and preferred dates.
Step 2: Proposal Review
  • Our management team reviews proposals based on quality and space availability.
  • We aim to maintain high standards and tasteful exhibitions.
Step 3: Notification
  • Receive written correspondence regarding the outcome of your application.
  • Accepted applicants will receive further instructions.
Step 4: Agreement
  • Sign and deliver the Exhibition Agreement upon acceptance.
  • Initial each page of the agreement for confirmation.
Artwork Requirements
  • Printing, Mounting, and Framing by Art of Print: All artworks must be processed by AOP at discounted rates, with no commission charged on sales.
  • No External Prints: To avoid conflicts of interest, we do not exhibit works printed, mounted, or framed by other companies.
  • Originals and Reproductions: Both original artworks and specialized prints, such as handprints, are accepted. Reproductions can be made for selling smaller versions alongside originals.
Gallery Consignment and Commission
  • Gallery Space Rental: Includes use of the gallery, coffee shop, and staff services.
  • Consignment Terms: Artwork is retained on consignment for the duration of the exhibition.
  • Pricing: Artworks must be priced consistently with market value. Non-sale artworks will incur a 15% cover charge based on their retail value.
Charges and Payments
  • Gallery Rate: R5800 for a minimum exhibition duration of 14 days.
  • Deposit: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.
  • Late Bookings: Full payment is due for bookings confirmed less than four weeks prior to the exhibition.
  • Payment Deadlines: Must be met to avoid cancellation of the exhibition.
  • Artist Payments: Made within 7 working days after the exhibition ends.
  • Annual Escalation: Rates are subject to annual increases.
Payment Details:
  • EFT payments should be made to [account details].
Included in Gallery Charge
  • Staff, Barista, and Security: Professional support throughout the exhibition.
  • Card Machine Charges: Hassle-free payment options for buyers.
  • Client Services: Assistance with client inquiries and sales.
  • Exhibition Branding and Design: Help with promotional materials and setup.
  • Online Presence: Permanent exhibition page on the AOP website.
  • Operating Hours: Mon-Thu 08:00-17:30, Fri 08:00-17:00, Sat 08:00-14:00.
  • Shipping and Crating Assistance: Managed by AOP for clients (cost borne by clients).
  • Curatorial Support: Assistance with exhibition setup and lighting.
Excluded from Gallery Charge
  • Transportation and Packaging: Responsibility of the artist.
  • Insurance: Coverage for artworks to and from AOP.
  • Promotional Materials: Printing of decals, labels, posters, invites, etc.
  • Event Services: Photographer, musician, and catering.
  • Display Equipment: Hire of plinths, pedestals, AV equipment, etc.
  • Clean-up Fees: Additional charges for catering services.
  • Personal Items: AOPG is not liable for theft of mobile phones, laptops, and other personal items.
  • Artwork: AOP is not liable for loss or damage to artworks, even if caused by negligence.
Marketing and Promotion
  • Online Listings: Exhibition details on the AOP website and newsletter.
  • Social Media: Advertising via Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.
  • Promotional Materials: Artists can provide pamphlets, invitations, and posters.
  • Self-Promotion: Artists are encouraged to actively promote their work online and through personal networks.
Exhibition Setup
  • Floorplan and Measurements: Provided for proper planning.
  • Artwork Hanging: 1-3 days prior to the opening event.
  • Artist Assistance: Artists are welcome to help with setup.
  • Storage: No storage for crating or packaging material without prior arrangement.
  • Lighting and Mounting: Managed by AOP staff to ensure professional presentation.
  • Hanging Systems: R45 charge per artwork without appropriate hooks and wire.
Opening Events
  • Encouraged but Optional: Typically, on the first Thursday of the month.
  • Event Hours: 18:00-21:00, with additional charges for overtime.
  • Additional Events: "Walkabouts," demonstrations, and artist talks.
  • Event Supplies: Wine glasses, plates, cutlery, ice buckets, etc.
  • Breakage Fee: R200; Clean-up Fee: R250 for catering services.
  • Artist Responsibilities: Event photography, guest speakers, and music.
Closing Join Us at Art of Print Gallery! Support and showcase your art in our vibrant community. Apply today to be part of our inspiring exhibitions. For inquiries, contact us at [contact information].

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