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We are thrilled to announce that Art or Print has a beautiful venue for local and international artists looking for a space to showcase their artwork. Our venue is modern, elegant and versatile, designed to showcase art in all its forms; whether it's paintings, photography or mixed media, our gallery is the ideal setting.

The gallery features an open floor plan that can accommodate a range of exhibitions and events. Our walls are adorned with collections from talented artists which are constantly updated to offer a fresh and inspiring experience for our guests. We also offer a range of services including art installation, framing and transportation, to make the process of showcasing and selling art as seamless as possible. Our art consultants are always on hand to create awareness for potential buyers and collectors.

We believe art is meant to be both admired, and experienced. That's why we offer a variety of events to engage the audience and enrich their appreciation of art. Our calendar includes artists talks, workshops, screenings and performances, all curated to provide a stimulating and enjoyable experience for our guests.

Our mission is to support artists and foster a vibrant art community to help artists present their work in the best possible light.