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In today's digital age, technology continues to revolutionise the way we create and interact with art. One such innovation making waves in the creative sphere is AI-generated images. We're excited to introduce a groundbreaking service that empowers clients to create personalised images using artificial intelligence, which they can then print and frame to adorn their spaces. While AI-generated images offer unparalleled convenience and customisation, it's essential to recognise that they complement rather than replace the unique originality and skills of traditional artists.So, what are the benefits of embracing AI-generated images?Unlimited CreativityWith AI-generated images, the possibilities are endless. Clients can explore a vast array of styles, themes, and concepts to bring their imagination to life. Whether it's abstract designs, surreal landscapes, or vibrant portraits, AI offers a..
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8-bit ImagesAn 8-bit image is a type of digital image that uses 8 bits to represent each pixel's colour information. This means that each pixel can have 2^8 (256) different colour values, ranging from 0 to 255. As a result, 8-bit images are capable of displaying a total of 256 different colours. These images are also commonly referred to as "256-color images."Benefits of 8-bit Images for PrintingSmaller File Sizes: Since 8-bit images have a limited colour range, they tend to have smaller file sizes compared to higher bit-depth images. This can be beneficial when working with limited storage space or when transmitting images over the internet.Faster Processing: With a smaller colour palette, 8-bit images are quicker to process and manipulate, making them more suitable for certain types of projects or applications where speed is essential.Compatibility: 8-bit images are widely supported by..
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Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate it than by freezing those precious moments in a photograph? Art of Print is excited to announce a special event for all the couples out there, a free couple shoot! Join us on the 10th of February from 9 AM to 12 PM for a memorable experience filled with love, laughter, and beautiful photographs.Details of the Event:Date and Time:- 10th February- 9 AM to 12 PMLocation:- Art of Print, GalleryWhat to Expect:1. Free Couple Shoot:   Our photographer will capture the essence of your love in a quick and intimate photoshoot session.2. Complimentary Black and White Jumbo Photo:   Each participating couple will receive a stunning black and white jumbo photo, a timeless keepsake of their love.3. Printing Options:   Couples are welcome to print more photos from their session, giving them the flexibility to choose and cherish additional memories.4...
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In the intricate world of fine art printing, where precision meets creativity, achieving recognition and validation is a noteworthy accomplishment. Enter the realm of excellence with the prestigious Hahnemühle Certified Studio Gold status — a symbol of mastery and assurance in the fine art printing industry.A Testament to ExpertiseBecoming a Hahnemühle Certified Studio Gold is no ordinary feat. It represents a journey of dedication, expertise, and commitment to the highest standards of quality. This internationally recognised certification process serves as a testament to a print studio's unparalleled proficiency in the art of fine art printing.Achievability and Consistent QualityAs a Hahnemühle Certified Studio Gold, the validation extends to the assured achievability and consistent quality of every print produced on Hahnemühle media. It is a mark of trust and reliability for artists an..
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Curating an art collection is a deeply personal and enriching endeavour. Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or just beginning your journey into the world of art, building a collection that reflects your tastes and resonates with your soul can be a rewarding experience.Define Your Taste and StyleStart by exploring different art styles, movements and mediums. Attend gallery exhibitions, visit museums and immerse yourself in the diverse world of art. Take note of the pieces that evoke a strong emotional response or captivate your attention. This will help you define your taste and style.Set a Theme or FocusConsider giving your collection a cohesive theme or focus. It could be based on a specific art movement, a particular artist, a colour palette, or even a conceptual theme. A thematic approach adds depth and narrative to your collection, creating a more meaningful and visually harmon..
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Subject matter with nudity - viewer discretion advised.What inspired you to create the "Bare - An Intimate Collection" body of work and what does the title signify?In 'Bare - An Intimate Collection', I invite you to witness the profound interplay of light and shadow, the embrace of untamed landscapes and the unvarnished beauty of the human form- a testament to the deep connections that bind us.The genesis of this collection was sparked by a profound desire to celebrate the purity of the human body, stripped bare of societal constructs and expectations. 'Bare' stands as an invitation to witness the raw, unfiltered beauty that resides within each of us.Can you tell us about the concept and theme behind your exhibition? How does it relate to your personal experiences and artistic vision?Drawing from six years of diverse work, 'Bare' weaves a tapestry of shadows, textures and forms, preservi..
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Patrons of Chaos Exhibition Art exhibitions and competitions serve as beacons of creativity, bringing together artists from various backgrounds and styles to showcase their talents. Enter the illustrious "Patrons of Chaos" exhibition and competition, where artistic brilliance meets boundless imagination. In this blog, we will delve into the fascinating world of Patrons of Chaos, exploring its essence, significance, and the remarkable benefits that artists reap by participating in this celebrated event. The Essence of Patrons of Chaos Patrons of Chaos is more than just an art exhibition and competition; it is a celebration of art in its rawest form. The event takes its name from the belief that chaos is the driving force behind creativity and innovation. Artists are encouraged to embrace chaos, break boundaries, and explore uncharted territories within their artistic..
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Giclée printing has become a popular choice for fine art reproduction due to its exceptional print quality and longevity. To achieve the best results in Giclée printing, selecting the appropriate colour profile is crucial. Among the common choices, Adobe RGB and sRGB are two popular colour profiles. Let's explore the differences between the two and determine which one is better suited for Giclée printing.>Adobe RGBAdobe RGB is a colour profile with a broader gamut compared to sRGB. It can represent a wider range of colours, making it an excellent choice for professional photographers, graphic designers, and artists who work with vibrant and saturated colours. Adobe RGB covers more shades of colours, especially in the green and red regions, which is advantageous for landscapes, portraits, and vivid artwork.Benefits of Adobe RGB for Giclée PrintingGreater Colour RangeThe wider colour gamut..
Burger Henri 2 968
Art of Print is proud to be hosting an exclusively black-and-white photographic exhibition featuring the awe-inspiring work of Peter Dooley. The exhibition which runs from 1 June to 30 June is aptly named 'Myriad of Extremes' Peter's work can be seen hanging in commercial boardrooms and residential spaces locally and internationally. Peter was born in 1958 and grew up in his family home, set in a large tranquil garden. This is a special place where butterflies, birds, bees, and children co-exist until today. He is a professional landscape photographer based in South Africa and works mainly in black and white. His father, also an accomplished photographer, taught him photographic techniques at a young age. Peter's mother, a professor of lkenobo (Japanese Floral Art) gave him a deep appreciation of composition, balance, and design. Their combined teachings led him to create imme..
Vermaak Anika 6 1958
Art of Print loves working with local artists and takes pride in being a creative hub that meets the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts. Last month Art of Print was entrusted with framing six original artworks done by South African artist, Kerri Stevenson. Her vibrant and unique pieces caught everyone’s eye in-store, so we wanted to share her story and her art with you. Get to know the Artist Kerri Stevenson, a 27 year old up-and-coming artist, shares that art has always been a part of her life, ever since she could hold a pencil. Being an artist was, however, not originally on her career radar. Her passion for the sciences throughout school led her to study medicine at the University of Cape Town and qualify as a medical doctor in 2020. Shortly after starting her internship year, she experienced what she said to be, "severe compassion fatigue'', which led her to leave the ..
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