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Often when we think about a frame, we think of its function rather than its form.
Strong and sturdy or minimalist and delicate, the frame of a picture is not a means of securing a piece of art, it is also meant to complement the art itself. Fortunately, our variety and selection of custom framing options can accentuate any colour, composition, and style of artwork for centuries to come.
Art of Print has elevated the practice of custom framing by bringing all steps of the process in-house. Every frame is hand-cut, joined, and finished right here by our Master Craftsmen. Because we make every part of our fine art giclee and canvas frames to order under one roof, we can easily meet your needs for odd sizes and tight deadlines. We go big, and we do it fast!
Your prints and original works are handled and framed with the utmost care to create an immaculate one-of-a-kind piece, every time.

Why custom Framing?

Have you ever purchased a ready-made custom frame from a craft supply or home décor store? Then you know the frustration of trying to fit your odd-sized photo, print or artwork into a pre-determined size that makes no sense. You’ve seen the limitations when it comes to how the art is displayed within the frame. Custom art and print framing is exactly what it says: custom! The frame and all associated materials have been custom-cut to exactly fit just your piece, and the options to display the art are almost limitless. But we also understand how daunting it can be to visit a high-end frame shop; the pricing is confusing, and the lead time can be weeks.
We found a solution! By bringing everything under one roof in Pretoria, we have streamlined the custom framing process and eliminated the need for a frustrating trip to the frame shop. Because everything is built in-house, we can offer fine art custom picture framing. Bring your piece to life by matching your chosen frame with one of our Custom Framing Treatments.

Gallery Frames with a Mat

Create an impact with a gallery frame and mat combination. Our custom-built, wood frames are created in-house for a one-of-a-kind custom fit. Choose from a variety of finishes to accentuate the light, colour, and style of your image. With many options available, you are only limited by your imagination. Our non-acidic, light-resistant museum mats are free from wood fibres and are produced with a bevelled edge.

Floating Frames

Floating frames are ideal for DiaMounts and canvas prints. With a high-end, contemporary look, floater frames leave a small gap between the picture and the edge of the frame. This floating effect makes the artwork leap out of the frame for a dramatic finish. Let us help you select a floater frame that matches the feeling of your print, photograph, or other art pieces. Floater frames are also ideal for canvas artwork that has seen better days by protecting the edges without further damaging the piece.

Box Frames and Shadowbox Frames

Looking for more depth in your final framed photograph or giclee print? Shadowbox frames are a bold design choice that turns artwork into a statement piece. While typically associated with displaying memorabilia that does not fit in traditional frames, shadowbox frames are ideal for displaying artwork as well. These custom-fitted frames are available in a variety of profiles with a broad spectrum of colours and finishes. Best of all, shadowbox frames do not limit you to the traditional standard frames and mat combination.

Float and Raise Frame

One of the most popular ways to frame art in a shadowbox is using the raised island float frame method. The photograph (or print or giclee) is mounted directly to a mounting board designed to appear as though the artwork is “floating” inside of the frame. This is especially helpful when the edges of the print must not be covered by a mat board or frame rabbet. Our artisans mount your art to an acid-free, lignin-free mounting board. This board is then mounted to a second mounting board, cut larger than your artwork, making it appear to float not just within the frame edges, but within the depth of the frame itself.

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