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Classic Contemporary Frame | Synthetic

Classic Contemporary Frame | Synthetic


Classic contemporary frames are true to the traditional framing method. Our synthetic range serves as a viable budget alternative to wooden frames.

These frames are available in Black, White, Walnut and Coffee Bean and have a realistic wood-like finish, a perfect complement to any image. This method of framing is your "go-to" style.

  • Frame Profile: Face Width 20mm
  • Height: 15mm
  • Glazing: 2mm glass
  • Window Mount: Inspired White, Digital White or Black, showing 30mm all round
  • Backing: 3mm MDF
  • Synthetic: Compressed Polystyrene, this is stained either Black, white, Walnut or Coffee Bean
  • Size: The external size of your frame will be larger than your image size.

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  • Saved as a JPEG or flattened TIF file
  • Maximum file size 128MB
  • 300 pixels per inch
  • Saved in 8bit
  • RGB Or Adobe98 colour space
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