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We are committed to those who create and appreciate art and helping them share and show it. Every order is personally handled and packaged with care by our experienced staff.

When you spend time, money, and effort creating your art, it's important to partner with others who share your passion; people who've made the same emotional investment as you have. We aim to bridge the gap between inspiration and finished work for photographers, artists, hobbyists, and aficionados around the world. In fact, we now offer four of our most popular framing styles online without making you feel overwhelmed.

Framing Styles

Our selection of frames are available in four different colours and you can choose between wood or synthetic.

  • Classic Contemporary
  • Box frame
  • Reverse Box frames
  • Aluminium frames

Each frame is made to order with your image fitted securely inside your frame. Alternatively, you can also order your frame empty according to the sizes specified online. You can upload a photo from your phone or computer, or you can send your images via WeTransfer or Dropbox Link.

  • Synthetic Moulding and Wooden profiles available 
  • Traditional gallery presentation 
  • lightweight and sleek
  • Perfect for either a sophisticated wall layout or an eclectic wall layout

From R 520.00

  • Synthetic Moulding and Wooden profiles available 
  • Classic framing with paired with a classic window mount and the illusion of box frames
  • Beautiful minimalistic look and places more focus on the picture or art piece
  • Creates an understated elegance due to its clean lines and simplicity

From R 580.00

  • Synthetic Moulding and Wooden profiles available 
  • Box framing in recent years has become an increasingly popular way of framing due to its clean lines and simplicity
  • This framing technique creates a deep-set, shadow effect with the mount or image placed to the back of the frame, adding a level of visual depth to both the image and frame.

  • Adds level of visual depth to both the image and frame.

From R 680.00

  • Modern aluminium frames turn your photos or artworks into real eye-catchers, striking and timeless.
  • Aluminium frames have a thin front face profile, a feature that is not always possible with conventional framing profiles.
  • Undoubtedly the most elegant way to frame artwork for a minimalistic style
  • Available in plain brushed Aluminium or wood veneered aluminium

From R 920.00