Art of Print is proud to be hosting an exclusively black-and-white photographic exhibition featuring the awe-inspiring work of Peter Dooley.

The exhibition which runs from 1 June to 30 June is aptly named 'Myriad of Extremes'

Peter's work can be seen hanging in commercial boardrooms and residential spaces locally and internationally.

Peter Dooley

Peter was born in 1958 and grew up in his family home, set in a large tranquil garden. This is a special place where butterflies, birds, bees, and children co-exist until today.

He is a professional landscape photographer based in South Africa and works mainly in black and white. His father, also an accomplished photographer, taught him photographic techniques at a young age. Peter's mother, a professor of lkenobo (Japanese Floral Art) gave him a deep appreciation of composition, balance, and design. Their combined teachings led him to create immersive artworks that are elegant in their simplicity and deeply harmonious and inspiring.

"I do not use Photoshop nor any other editing software that adds landscape or sky elements etc. That were not in the original scene, in a way that deliberately deceives the viewer. However, I apply standard darkroom techniques such as dodging and burning to my work. I use Ansel Adams' zone system extensively."

Peter's first digital image appeared on the cover of a major South African magazine in 2002. The image was of a honeybee poised on the stamen of an orange Japanese Cosmos flower. Yet, despite the accolades his early nature art photography received, he spent many years pursuing commercial photography. While this work fed his bank account, it never truly fed his soul. Now, Peter has returned to his roots. He has made nature the primary subject of his photography and offers all his works as Limited-Edition prints.

Peter was recently invited to be part of an international panel of judges, chosen to adjudicate the prestigious Africa Photographic Awards - A Showcase of African Photography.

Black and white

"Peter Dooley is a contemporary master of black and white photography. His portfolio known as "Allure of Africa" is awe-inspiring and transcendent. His reverence for the beauty that exists in the natural world emanates from his images. Peter's art is visual poetry that elevates us to a peaceful realm. We bask in the glow of his myriad tones and degrees of luminosity that provide a treasure trove of harmonious modulations and contrasts. His images are meditative, bringing a healing modality to the viewer."

— Renee Phillips, Director and Curator, Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY.

Exhibition ‘Myriad of Extremes’

"When one burns one's bridges, what a nice fire it makes."

- Dylan Thomas

This exhibition explores our human interaction with the natural world and the consequential impact on its sustainability.

The artworks seek to open our eyes and minds by juxtaposing the beauty of the African landscape with the stark reality of its future challenges.

In my lifetime, a disturbing mindset, and culture has emerged where humanity is seen as existing in a bubble separated from nature. In our state of alienation, our destructive actions no longer seem to have any consequences. Where is the land of my childhood and youth that I loved for its striking contrasts and ephemeral beauty, its inclusiveness, positiveness, and tolerance?

It's now time to open our eyes and minds to the importance of rebuilding a responsible and sustainable relationship with nature and to accept that our natural world provides what is essential for our very existence. It's still possible to rebuild nature's bridges.

The bold use of an idiosyncratic palette filled with extreme tonal contrasts adds to the push-pull effect. This is intended to awaken our fragmented mindset, alter the culture of sustainability complacency, and bring back a timeless quality into our world - one that is authentic and sustainable.


The exhibition showcases 26 exclusive black and white photographic works to complete any room. These include hand-printed silver gelatin prints, large scale museum quality paper prints and extra-large scale premium canvas prints.

Images of harmonious nature are included in the curated works to restore a sense of serenity to our everyday lives. Its elegance evokes nostalgic memories that speak to the viewer. In an effort to ensure ecological sustainability, we have included a number of works with strong environmental messages.

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