Art of Print loves working with local artists and takes pride in being a creative hub that meets the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts. Last month Art of Print was entrusted with framing six original artworks done by South African artist, Kerri Stevenson. Her vibrant and unique pieces caught everyone’s eye in-store, so we wanted to share her story and her art with you.

Get to know the Artist

Kerri Stevenson, a 27 year old up-and-coming artist, shares that art has always been a part of her life, ever since she could hold a pencil. Being an artist was, however, not originally on her career radar. Her passion for the sciences throughout school led her to study medicine at the University of Cape Town and qualify as a medical doctor in 2020. Shortly after starting her internship year, she experienced what she said to be, "severe compassion fatigue'', which led her to leave the medical field.

"I sought comfort in painting and realised that my true passion lies in creating art… and so here we are.'' As an artist, her style can be described as playful and illustrative. She enjoys working with acrylic paint for the vibrancy that it brings to her work. For now, her goal is to keep creating and focus on developing her skill set, and she hopes a solo show and travel opportunities await her in the future.

A closer look at the Collection

The collection coined: Outsiders, is Kerri’s debut collection as an artist and consists of 12 original artworks celebrating activities that people like to get up to outside. Whilst creating the collection, she aimed to stay true to where she finds the most inspiration and peace - the outdoors.

Her vision for the collection was "a playful take on exploring and celebrating our human connection with the natural world around us.'' Spending time outside has provided her with a space of comfort and calmness throughout her life, and is thus where she feels the happiest. Although the majority of her inspiration comes from landscapes, which are present throughout her collection, she is also fascinated by people and all of their individual quirks. As a final statement of admiration towards the collection, Kerri says that the collection sought to explore where we as individuals find ourselves in the nature that surrounds us.


Framing done by Art of Print

Kerri’s pieces were framed at Art of Print using a float and raise style, making the artworks appear as though they’re "floating'' inside of the frame. The frames were done archivally, making use of raw kiaat box frames and standard glass to protect her artwork.

Kerri stevenson

Exhibitions to come

"Just Beachy''- one of the paintings originally intended to be a part of the "Outsiders'' collection - has been selected to be exhibited at 100 Kellogg Lane in London, Canada, as part of their annual Art Competition. The exhibition starts on 1 May and lasts till September 2023. The competition is open to artists from all over the world, “being selected as one of their 100 featuring artists is a huge honour.

’’ Additionally, the Outsiders collection will be featured at the Candice Berman Gallery in Bryanston, starting at the end of April. Her artworks will hopefully go on the walls of many happy collectors! All of her works are for sale and enquiries can be made through her website: or the Candice Berman Gallery.

Kerri Stevenson art work

There are another six pieces we have to frame for her, we can’t wait to begin and wish her all the best with her exhibitions.